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Labor Day, Sept. 3, 2018, Marlborough Parade information
Assemble 10:00 a.m., drop marchers off in assembly are (see below)
Parade kicks off at Noon

We are in Division 5
Behind Sponsor banner 13 Juniper Ice Cream
Group #68

Parade Lineup [PDF]

Parade Route - Parade begins at Pleasant and Lincoln Streets and proceeds west onto Lincoln Street, south onto Broad Street, east onto West main Street and continues onto Main Street, turns south on Maple Street and ends at the intersection of Route 85- Bolton Street.

Best guess as to the map of route

Roger has donated his truck. (The Parade Vehicle Pass has been mailed to Roger)
We need 3 of the banners - 1 to lead the group (we can have up to 50 marchers), 1 on each side of the truck, and plenty of signs and flags on the truck

Plenty of MAGA stuff!!

Everyone in the parade must sign the Release Form. I will have plenty of sheets which want your Name, Address, Phone and Signature, but if you have a group, you can print out this page and fill out before you get to the parade, where we will turn in the filled out forms to the parade officials.
Click here to Print the Release form

After dropping off marchers, procede to the streets around the American Legion Post at 86 Maple St.
See Parade Directions below on how to get from Assembly area to vehicle parking and shuttle buses

After parking your car, take shuttle bus back to Assembly area. Parade will end somewhere near the Legion.

We are already registered and paid up. Here is their page for politicians (No politican handouts allowed:
Click here

Parade Directions:
Click here

Assembly area

Map of the area

City's website for the Parade

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